Exeter’s Shoreditch

If you find yourself pondering the streets of Exeter be sure to head to Northernhay Street, Lower N. Street and The Quay; you might like to refer to it as Exeter’s Shoreditch, Soho or even Covent Garden, but on a dramatically smaller and more humble scale.

As you exit Exeter’s quaint city centre train station Northernhay Street is situated right in front of you, for photographers it’s a hidden gem; industrial iron bridges, small town house squares and small local businesses, it has it all. You can easily spend an hour or so there shooting images around that area and that’s exactly what myself, Will Gillett (pictured above) and Nathan Brice did.

Once we’d all come to the conclusion that there’s nothing else to shoot there we slowly made our way down to Exeter Quay and headed to our favourite local coffee spot going by the name of ‘The Coffee Cellar.’

Quick history lesson, Exeter Quay was used as a port to unload and load stock from the warehouses on quayside. However, as ships grew larger the demand for bigger and deeper ports became more and more apparent, they realised that moving the port to Exmouth’s Marina would be much more efficient.

As a result, the Quay was left abandoned and derelict for a good 10-15 years. As the city grew in popularity the Council decided to rebrand and refurbish the Quay as a tourist and commuters area of work, leisure and dining.

Right, there you go, you’re up to date. As you can imagine the vibe down their has a hipster, chilled out and positive ring to it, compared to the rest of the city. After having a quick bite to eat and coffee we set out to shoot some more images, before making our way to the train station to leave in time for a sunset shoot in Lympstone.



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